Sunday, September 13, 2009


This space arose out of a frustration of mine. I have had a number of bad customer service experiences over the years. In all that time, I have rarely gotten any satisfaction from the culprits. any of my friends have heard me lament, "Customer Service Is Dead." I have let these experiences eat at me and bother me and alter my enjoyment of life in general. But neither the experiences nor my failure to get resolution has helped anyone, myself included. Which brings us back to this blog. This blog is an experiment that you all can participate in. I firmly believe that the main reason for poor customer service is financial. I don't believe that any organizations out there wants to treat people poorly. They are just forced to choose between doing what is right by their customers and making money. I'd like to link the two for them.

Of course, it would be awfully cynical of me to wield this blog as a stick to punish those I felt were doing wrong. That would not be in keeping with my aforementioned belief. I'd like for it to be carrot, stick, and possibly even confessional for the customer service world in general. You can send me your customer service stories and I will publish them. I'd like to alternate between admonishing those who disregard their customers and praising those who go out of their way to look out for us. I'm also willing to give the criticized a chance to respond.

I don't know whether or not customer service is dead. I'm not even sure that it is a worthwhile question anymore. Rather than assessing it, let's agree that satisfied customers are a worthy goal and that we should move our business world in that direction.

Thanks for joining us,